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Wellness for the Mind

Poems are another form of wellness and expression used for centuries. It allows the mind to unravel in rhymes and rhythm, rather than direct articulation of words and statements. It is a way to face emotional disturbances, disruptions, and distractions. Although if circumstances are tough, poems help to process challenges more subtly. Therefore, it will be added to the blogs offered on this wellness website.

The Hole of Life

By Crystal Muscatello

We cause our own misery. The inevitable fate brought sooner due to self robbery.
Self loathing leads to decay. Even if there is order we create disarray.
There is no one the blame. Days go by with layers of shame.
Cut the shit and it could be over. Humanity is sick like that. Insists to hold baggage on our shoulder.
Emotional damage creates nausea. You can be the one to stop the damage. All you have to do is ask for balance.
It is not about being perfect. It is about the health and wellness of your soul. Ask the right questions, the answers are bold.
Stop stopping the stopped. Help the empowered empower. Humanity needs less to cower.
Standing tall for your uniqueness. Give up on making yourself like another. Owning your power looks like no other.
Bring your light to the surface of your skin. Allow acceptance and permission to begin.
Illuminate your body, mind, and spirit. Combine with celestial alignment to be brilliant.
Step forward, use voice, be kind. Don’t leave any part of you behind.
The only way we will ever be free, is allowing ourselves to be.
It sounds so simple but it may be the hardest. To allow what is in your heart, unaltered, to get the farthest.
We mutilate our ambitions, dreams, and wishes. Until they become the things that cause psychosis.
Trust yourself to bring your inner light about. The part of you that has been long yearning to get out.
Those things that were always in the back of your mind. The ones that’ll haunt you when you are at the end of your time.
Do not get stuck in the illusion society or institutions bring. Instead continue to break it by living fully and inspiring. Moment to moment only ask what you need. Getting too far ahead causes more suffering.

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