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Spiritual Guidance on December 5, 2022

I haven't posted in awhile and now I'm a mother but working behind the scenes. I'll post a blog or YouTube randomly. Today I'm sharing my personal spiritual guidance from my morning qigong and meditation. Hope something resonates and benefits you.

In no particular order of importance this is what I felt during my self care practice today.

If you find yourself in a place you don’t like to be mentally, just turn yourself around like you would if you were driving in a car. Energetically, areas in our body can get warped and turned around due to a number of reasons. See yourself return to the path that you came in on and go back to where it started. This would illuminate your “trigger point” and that is what needs to be pacified,  reversed and set straight on the right path.

I felt the earth energy as if I was in the Matrix. I could see electromagnetic currents around the earth and exponentially brighter geographically at my location because I was powered up by the Earth energy. I am balanced. I have seized myself from floating in space and grounded myself to the natural currents in my environment. I harness the energy and wisdom to aid the greater good, especially within myself for myself.

Life is an intermingling force. There are many things at play, there are poles, and spectrum of energies meeting each other at different times. Positive and negative, in and out, light and darkness…. Although it can appear as dualism, these energies together are what make the form- human, machine, and universally. It’s not an all or nothing reality yet that’s a common mindset. It’s about a balance. An acceptance and acknowledgment of that balance. Maintaining the balance. Being an advocate for the balance. Let the spectrum of energies intertwine in a balanced fashion. Be open to experience the vastness of opportunities to continue to grow into the form you are meant to be.

The eternal part of you is nurturing and everywhere- let it guide

Be friends

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