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Spiritual Guidance from Source


Hello everyone! I have been wanting to reach out, so I am going to share some spiritual guidance and messages that came through today. I'm just excited to share but hope it'll be healing as well.

"Feel Rotation of Source"

In meditation today when I asked Source, “What do I need to know right now?” I saw movement around the space of an object rotating in a circle and heard the word "feel". Source is the feeling of the vibration of the universe and beyond. Source is the collective energy of the everything, the form and the formless.

“Feel Rotation of Source”

As I feel into this spiritual guidance, We are individual objects in this universe, and each have our own path of rotation. The movement of the rotation creates a path. It may feel uncomfortable at times but just at a different point in our rotation.

We are being lead by the circular motions of life- our circulatory system, the rotation of the Earth and galaxy, and the influence of sources energy on ours. These systems take us places, fuel us with passion, direction, and supplies ours needs.

Hours after my meditation, I gather my items to do my affirmations but my booklet is opened to a different page. The page had a note on it from a time I can not remember writing, which states:


Are you dragging your feet or are you being critical and not seeing how much you are doing?

Universe and galaxy "

Extrapolating off that, there are things we are working on but not in the current rotation. Sewn seeds growing without your direct attention.

I am hopeful this little blog was useful and helpful in some way. I would like to think it helps relax a little and feel comfortable, even when you’re uncomfortable.

Sincere Regards,

Crystal Muscatello

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