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Lessons with Meditation

Do you have something that ruffled your feathers, so to speak? Meditation is a great way to set you mind right again.

  1. Alert people in your vicinity that you just need 10 minutes of quiet time.

  • Even if you do get interrupted, just calmly guide your attention back to you.

2. Get comfortable.

  • Getting the mind straight is all about being able to relax, let go of tension, and emotional baggage. If you want to do it seated feel free to do so but nothing beats laying down on a comfortable bed, couch, etc.

3. Play soothing music or a guided meditation

  • I will add below what to do with the soothing music. If you have found yourself a meditation you are interested in, feel free to give it a shot. You don't have to stick with the same one every time or you can!

4. Start with the body

  • It helps to begin the meditation by surveying your body for tightness and tension. Breathe through it and make the intention to let it go with the exhale. You can work feet to the head or head down to the toes. Think softened butter or honey.... smmoootttthhhh out all those kinks.

5. Connect with Earth

  • This is where you can really get a sense of an energetic or mindset change because you take all the irritation, the unhealthy emotions, baggage, and turmoil and you give it over to the Earth. Thank the Earth. You can send it down roots and see troubles turn into stepping stones or you can see the ocean wash it away. Visualization is a great way to symbolize renewal, feel free to explore. Send gratitude and connect with the Earths' core. Bring golden light up from the core, through the feet, up the body, out the crown of the head, and form a golden shield around your body.

6. Connect with Galaxy

  • Visualize the bright white light of the center of the galaxy, swim through it, out the spiral arms, into our solar system. See yourself visit our celestial neighbors and sun. Illuminate yourself within and without.

7. Bring it back to the Body

  • Take your illuminated self, pull the light from the galaxy and solar system up through the Earth, up through your feet, and circulate within your body. Yes, this is a mental exercise. Head to toe bright lightness from the environment around you. Build that white light into your energetic system by seeing in your minds' eye that you are nothing but white light. Send gratitude to the Universe and all there is for being here.

8. Ask if there is any guidance for you now, Anything you need to know?

  • Is it really that simple? Yes! I will be honest though, this is like a mental exercise so you have to practice to see results(or get answers)

Best of luck to you and your mindfulness practices! I love hearing if this helped or not, so feel free to leave me some feedback :)

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