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Indefinite Hiatus for Crystal Muscatello Teaching Qigong, Art, and Meditation

I did not anticipate the constant changes, and flexibility needed to develop a business in stride with managing a chronic illness. I assumed a perfect fit working in complementary and alternative medicine practices, like qigong and meditation. It’s like working on a puzzle where pieces fit together yet the picture changes constantly. Some of the big picture stays the same, and some areas or boundaries must be redone.

After my recovery of the first recorded multiple sclerosis exacerbation in 2011, I found qigong. Qigong created such a powerful impact, I invested in training by 2012 for my own health needs. I traveled to Santa Cruz, California until my teacher training certification was complete in 2014. Naturally, my excitement and knowledge led me to offer qigong lessons, workshops, group classes, and medical qigong(reiki) in various spaces. It evolved to leasing my own space mid 2016. Attaining a holistic coaching certification in 2017 took wellness and meditation to new heights. Simultaneously, I experienced a second MS flare up. This defined new boundaries of wellness, self care, and mindset. In 2018, I announced coming out as an artist, officially selling art, and hosting art shows. I spoke at wellness, qigong, and art workshops, as well as hosted environmental cleanups. I managed my online visibility, as well as assisted others. It was fun, exhausting, and exciting. Understandably, I struggled with managing and coping with multiple sclerosis due to the long list I made for myself.

I began taking things off my schedule in 2019 but the symptoms persisted. By August, I decided to close the commercial office in Berea to transition to a home office. It was the right decision for me and my students. With that vote of confidence I thought I had a direction but the pieces to the puzzle changed again.

2020 comes with a worldwide pandemic, cautioning elderly and immunocompromised individuals. I knew this would change things for my business. I sent the notice of no group qigong classes this year. As a non-essential business, I was no longer able to see students or work with clients in person on commissioned art. During the quarantine I exhibited no symptoms. Can you imagine my wake up call when symptoms reappeared once I started inviting students back? More additions to figuring it out.

I explain the details because I want to share the direction I am headed with qigong, art, and meditation. I will never stop thinking, talking, and helping others in wellness and self care. I can not stop thinking of ways to service the overall well-being of the planet and it’s constituents. I am announcing a temporary hiatus but not giving up. There is no definite return date. Supporting online qigong instruction, wellness programs, and art workshops seems a likely direction. I will modify the YouTube Channel and website to have access to qigong, meditation, art and more but unsure when it will happen. Feel free to send me your email address if I don’t already have it at I will announce when I am ready to take qigong students, and return from my in-depth, self-care hiatus. I appreciate the freedom and flexibility through your understanding, support and patience during this time of change.

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