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Healthy Mindsets - Small to Tall

It is impossible to keep healthy mindset all the time. Perfection does not exist. An extremely unhealthy mindset is when there is constant belittlement. Humans have the capacity to change mindset, and adapt as needed. This blog is to help become aware of mindset patterns, and trading an unhealthy mindset for a healthier one.

If counted, how many times would you catch a mindset like, “I should be doing more”, “That should have been done by now.”, “I haven’t done anything to move towards my goals this year.”?

Self defeating mindsets are a killer for life, happiness, and may sabotage the hard work you’ve put forth. Below I have written a poem that tells you how to move past this unhealthy mindset for a healthier one.

Small to Tall

By Crystal Muscatello

Everyday my guidance tells me to be free. Honestly I had a hard time seeing what that looked like for me.
I struggled with visualizing day to day actions. So I continued to ask the right questions.
Inquiries stemming from the deepest part of my soul. Sometime I would ask moment to moment because I felt out of control.
Life is full of uncertainty to say the least. Freedom ignores that and is all about peace.
More and more I am becoming aware of the feeling of peace. It’s integrated with knowing I am just being me.
Sometimes I feel so young. Like an infant, I crawl. I see my tendency to make myself small. My guidance lifts my chin, stands me up. Life is way better when I remain standing tall.
It’s hard to stand when I let my mindset and spirit buckle with fear. Another part of me disassociates and flees. But my guidance continues to bring me back to myself & lift my spirit off it’s knees.
A loving energy that keeps bringing my chin up. A reminder I am not meant to be on the ground. Loving and healing the parts of me I neglected, disrespected, and kept putting down. Re-Integrating the freed parts of me that I tightly bound.
No more fleeing or making myself smaller. I was not meant to be a crawler. I am letting go of triggers that act as my controller. Now I am free, striving upwards, making me taller.

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