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2021 Newsletter From Crystal

The Crystal Universe LLC

Crystal Muscatello

January 28, 2021

Dear Qigong, Art, and Meditation Students,

Last year was a challenging year for me, and in ways I did not anticipate. I can not assume everyone feels the same but I trust we are all going through challenges. Regardless of why, we must continue on.

How do we know which way to go with so much uncertainty?

-Be in the moment using full breathing.

-Watch out for “all or nothing” mindsets, they induce stress.

-Be kind to yourself and others instead of being judgmental.

-Connect with your true aspirations(not someone else’s).

-Ask what needs to be done right now(Not seven steps ahead).

It was a hard decision to stop doing in-person qigong lessons, and is hard to continue to stop indefinitely. Everyday I reconsider seeing students or hosting events again, and trust it will happen! Although it is not time yet, I have not stopped thinking about enhancing overall well-being and ways I can help.

Adapting to the current circumstances led to an upheaval in the way I do things. Here are some of the changes

- My website and YouTube channel are going to be renovated.

- I will no longer offer 60 minute lessons- Videos will be 30 minutes or less.

- Qigong lessons and group classes will now be virtual using YouTube, Google, Zoom, etc.

- The website name has changed to You can see it as MS as in Multiple Sclerosis or Ms.(the abbreviation for Missus). This better reflects my work of sharing the same natural stress relief techniques I used to manage the stress of a chronic illness while growing a business. The website will allow to purchases for artwork, an eight week online wellness program, and more.

- My YouTube channel will be my main way to connect and share content, since I am no longer on Facebook or Instagram.

- I will focus on creating playlists of subjects(Art, Meditation, Qigong, and more!) for easy navigation on YouTube, and excited to see how this new direction will look.

I am just as accessible but will be working on these changes for a couple of months. Feel free to reach out by messaging on the website, text or email me. Calls are nice too, leave a message if I miss you.

Sincere Regards,

Crystal Muscatello


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