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You are You- A Feel Good Experience.

Imagine you are on a beach with the most stunning and vivid view of our Milky Way galaxy. Regardless of seeing the complete view or not, its’ magnificence is acknowledged. You still feel good and the abundance in the experience. The quest is fed momentum to find out more because of the unknown. People are no different. Even the most stunning and vivid perspective of yourself is incomplete because we are ever-changing beings. Yet we still can feel good about who we are, and keep an ongoing exploration.

My daily meditation brought me this message today. I connected with my spiritual guidance and felt pure love. I asked, “Who am I?” They responded “You are You.” That made me smile. The feeling of love made me smile. I reflected upon the thought. You are you. How open-ended... the freedom in that statement. You are you. Then, she reminded me I am free in who I am becoming. I saw my inner child hug. I don't understand everything about myself, much is a mystery. So far, what I know feels good and that excitement leads me into further development.

As I feel the joy in the experience, I see the whole universe as a reflection. I don’t need to know or see everything to appreciate or absorb fully. Scientists propel further into space because of what they observe here now. The observations give life on this planet further explanation and understanding. I enjoying being in this body, on this planet, in this galaxy, in this universe.

Tying it all together. You are you and free. We are all children of the universe, and have abundance in who we are and are becoming. Life is full of unknown boundaries we can not see past for now. Appreciate and acknowledge now. Let that attract experiences to reflect more of who you are. You are you- A feel good experience.

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