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What is Qigong?

Practicing Qigong in Punta Cana

My journey with qigong started in 2011 but it’s a 4,000 year old practice so this blog will not cover everything(see this previous blog which includes more clinical evidence). I consistently practice qigong because it helps me manage a chronic illness, pain, as well as, maintains the body and a positive mindset. I’m a huge supporter of complementary and alternative medicine approaches. Qigong helped me find the building blocks to my own self care plan, and share the responsibility with my doctors. I can only hope it does the same for you!

Qigong originates from China, and is a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Sounds like “chee-gung”, and may be seen spelled differently ways. “Qi” means “Life Force Energy” and “Gong” means “Exercise”, meaning this practice is working with our life force energy. For some, that may not tell you much. Studies show qigong specializes in creating good blood circulation in the body, which just helps things work more optimally. For me, it’s like getting a massage, going to physical therapy, and counseling all at once. I explain it as mindfulness and breathing exercises with low-intensity stretching. You can imagine what can happen when you mix all those elements. You feel better!

I started teaching qigong in 2015. Over the past four years I see common issues and solutions. Often I hear qigong helps alleviate anxiety, maintain a pleasant nature, and kindness with others and self. It has immediately eliminated pain for some, and helped with pain management in others over time. Qigong increases flexibility and balance. Ultimately, I notice it’s about bringing balance in our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

People benefit from qigong when they need a more gentle form of yoga. Also, managing pain and chronic illnesses sends people my way. Sometimes it’s due to their belief in the capacity to heal ourselves. Other times people come to supplement their self care plan. In some cases people have exhausted efforts with pharmaceuticals and seek alternative medicine practices.

Regardless how someone starts qigong it usually ends with them feeling better, more relaxed, flexibility, and clear-headed. I use qigong daily as a daily comprehensive analysis. It helps me manage a chronic illness, pain and a pleasant mindset. Here are some simple qigong moves and videos for you to test it out.

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