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Building Wellness

Have you ever built a fire? I love crafting them and reflecting on the skill. As I reflect I see principles of wisdom for life and wellness. In this comparison, fire represents dreams, goals, and the seeds planted to manifest. How do we build a life we want? How do we keep the good things going? What are the catalysts that help you grow? I started a wellness fire; It keeps growing despite setbacks, and helps others maintain wellness too. 

Kindling and a fire starter are needed to burn the larger logs. A lighter or striking a piece of flint to magnesium can ignite it once you build smaller pieces of wood for easier fire consumption. What ingredients or materials do you need to ignite or catalyze your goals? Break them down into pieces until the bigger pieces can be consumed. My wellness fire began when I was hospitalized due to multiple sclerosis. Before I could take on bigger pieces(helping others) I had to start smaller by just helping myself.  

Once you have the fire going how do you keep it burning? You find larger pieces of wood to feed it. For life goals what are the bigger pieces that will keep the momentum going? For me, a chronic illness gives me plenty of material to learn from consistently. Also, I love teaching qigong so helping my students gives me constant momentum. 

Let’s say it’s time to switch activities. You have to put out the fire because you won’t be able to tend to it properly. Just the same with our life pursuits, hobbies, and careers. We can’t have 8 fires going on all at once! Use your dynamic focusing skills to bring fuel to each goal. While some fires can burn calmly to illuminate the night, others have to be restarted when it’s the right time. The right time is when you can give proper attention to your goals and dreams. With a chronic illness like MS I have to be flexible with my career and job. I dial down the energy given to entrepreneurial pursuits until my health is back up and burning brightly. 

I love building fires because there is something so cathartic about it. Meaning it releases something in you- a feeling of elimination and letting go. Also, it’s cathartic to pursue your dreams, set your goals, build the right atmosphere for it, and live your dreams daily. I believe this is what they call freedom.

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