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Health & Wellness with Supplements

It’s tempting to think supplements may be the answer to healing, especially if you’re against pharmaceuticals. Each provider offers clinical evidence of trials, and the benefits of how it can serve you. Adding supplements into your diet can be a scary because it is an unregulated industry. This article will discuss a strategy to find the right supplements for you. Historically I have been known to lean heavily to the alternative, holistic wing of wellness. At the height of my health downfall(hospitalization, disability, depression, etc), I became adamant I did not need medication. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, herniated discs, and the list went on. I truly believed I did not need medication for any of it. At this time I leaned heavily on qigong, healthy diet, and supplements. ​

​ Although saw some benefits, I have to report the serious health conditions needed more help. That doesn’t mean this can’t happen because I know people who had conditions disappear with a supplement. Looking back I acknowledge I needed to do more research, ask my doctor, and administer test trials. is a website for published medical journals and articles from clinic research. It’s a great resource to research medications and alternative medicine, such as essential oils and supplements. Just type in the main ingredients and see what comes back. I used Mayo Clinic and Harvard Health for further evidence. If the supplement didn’t have enough medical literature on it I didn’t make the investment. Let’s say you find a supplement with sufficient backing, and decide to move forward. What next? Once I compiled enough evidence I brought the supplement in question to my doctor. My doctor is accepting of whole health. This support allowed the environment to bring these questions forward. I had my fair share of doctors who dismissed me due to my interest in holistic health. Once we discussed and reviewed, I would get approval or not. Sometimes I listened and other times I did not. You are in control of your health, and get to make the final decision. If you don’t have a doctor to entertain what’s important to you, find one that will.

After I did research and asked my doctor, I found the right one for me. For example, vitamin E is an excellent supplement for anti-cancer and anti-angiogenesis. Once my doc okayed it I went shopping. Did I want pills, liquid tablets, or drops? Also, consider allergens as you review the ingredients. Make your purchase and read the recommendations. Now you are ready to plan for a test trial. For example, I decided to add fish oil and a daily vitamin to my wellness repertoire. I followed the directions yet I didn’t feel good afterwards. Instead of stopping both I just took fish oil by itself. Then I took the daily vitamin by itself. I realized the vitamin did not sit well. Despite passing all the prerequisites, the daily vitamin did not end up helping me. The supplement industry is an unregulated one, and people can spend hundreds while never feeling any relief. The strategy above may help evade this problem. I would like to end with one more point. I excelled at recovery once I opened my options to all avenues of wellness. I realized expecting myself to heal on my own added more stress due to the amount of pressure I was putting one myself. I encourage everyone to honor their natural healing abilities, as well as using medical intervention, because there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a helping hand to wellness.

If this article intrigued you or you are interested in practicing qigong, visit my other platforms, Here I will show you some qigong exercises for certain parts of the body. Subscribe to the email list to receive more articles.

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