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Use Volunteering as a Wellness Technique

Family values - Taking care of the family

What do you deeply care about?

What do you find yourself frequently thinking about - trying to find a cure, antidote, or the origin to figure it all out just to dismantle it?

Polluted oceans and planet

Your thoughtful answers are signs of the strong motivations and deep passions within you. Knowing what matters to you, and what you really care about clarifies what causes you find deep meaning in supporting.

Volunteering takes time and commitment - Most people, including myself, feel like we are in over our heads on the daily! Volunteering for causes that have deep meaning to you gives the right ingredients to do something about it, thus creating changes for the overall good. We can make a difference.

Once I became disabled from multiple sclerosis I gave up on going to college, holding a job, or even exercising(besides qigong!). I turned to volunteering to feel worthy because at that time I associated my accomplishments with my value.

Volunteering helped me feel helpful when I felt helpless!

For those not on disability and have to work a full-time job, clarifying the causes that tug at your heart can create the space in your life needed to volunteer. This enhances your family culture, the community, and overall wellbeing.

Being part of a cause

Five to seven years after my diagnosis of MS my health started to recover. I began a small business venture sharing the complementary and alternative medicine practices that helped me do so. It created the need for time management and scaled back my volunteering hours. Within a short amount of time I found a group of like-minded individuals pouring their heart into keeping a clean environment for everyone.

I continued to get confirmation that this is a great group of people that I want to work with, regardless of getting paid! Managing MS while operating a small business is not exactly a stress free environment - Supporting other businesses like the Non-Profit The Litterbugz sounds like it would be another obligation but its the opposite. It gives me motivation to stick to my dreams.

Volunteering helped me feel helpful when I felt helpless! It enhances family culture, the community, and overall wellbeing. Supporting causes that mean something to do provides purpose and interconnectedness through selflessness. Find a group that aligns with your values and passions to enjoy the wellness benefits that come from volunteering.

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