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Why Do I Fall Asleep😴 During 🧘‍♀️Meditation?

"I try to meditate but fall asleep every time." If you fall asleep during meditation, your body needs rest. Until you’re properly rested, a passive meditation (sitting crossed-legged with a clear blissful mind) is exactly what will put you to sleep!

Before you choose a meditation you need to define your why, and pick a type. I'll explain the purpose of practicing and a few types so you can fit it into your lifestyle.

The purpose of meditation could be as simple as experiencing inner peace. Truthfully, I am not sure I can list every reason, purpose, or goal.

Research and data show the benefits of meditation are plentiful, pointing to a goal of self-care. Tibetan Monks use it to control the body with the mind. Many people seek the wisdom it gives, as well as the natural stress or pain relief.

I see a general direction to where all of this points.... and that is to happiness. Not just happiness but the ability to stick around and enjoy it for awhile, instead of fleeting moments between frustration and stress from the feeling of a lack of control.

The benefit of meditation is your presence, awareness of your connectedness of nature, and being open-minded to the wandering thoughts, visions, and sounds of your body, mind, and spirit.

Do not judge how you meditate. Instead, ask yourself what do I need today or right now?

Qigong or a slow walk in nature is considered a moving meditation. You may practice it while being nourished by your favorite warm beverage in the morning. It could be as simple as paying attention to your breathing or complicated like moving energy in your body with your mind(active meditation). You could get your dose of meditation while doing art, or even with the open road on a Harley(proper rest is required for this too!)

The purpose of meditation is inner peace, wisdom, and happiness. It could be used for self-care or to strengthen your martial art form. Whatever your intention is, let it be one of wellness and happiness. Now that you have your intention, start seeing all the ways you can fit meditation into your lifestyle. Visit here for tutorials.

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