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Qigong vs Tai Chi: The Basics

qigong vs tai chi

Many people often hear qigong and think it is the same as tai chi. Though qigong and tai chi both originate from ancient China, they are not exactly the same. In this article I will compare qigong vs tai chi and show the differences.

Qigong vs Tai Chi: Movement

The movements are different in many ways with these two practices. In tai chi, the movements are fluid and constant throughout the whole exercise. With qigong, the movements are less complex and repetitive. Qigong also focuses more on internal movement, focusing on internal organs and joints. A movement called tapping or knocking is used in qigong. Tapping is using hands or fingers to tap certain areas to massage and relieve tension.

qigong vs tai chi

Qigong vs Tai Chi: Healing

When comparing qigong vs tai chi, you will notice that qigong is about self healing from the inside out. Many physical ailments stem from mental imbalances and emotional stress like depression or anxiety. By allowing yourself to meditate and focus on mind body and soul, you can become healthier physically and mentally. Strengthening and balancing the energy of the mind is key in qigong. Qigong goes beyond the physical motions; it focuses on self care [link to Self Care Ideas] and wellness. Tai chi, on the other hand, focuses on combative, martial arts energy.

Qigong vs Tai Chi: Structure

Now we must think about the structure in qigong vs tai chi. Tai chi is more structured and systematic, while qigong goes with the flow. Tai chi has set moves from start to finish because it has a progression of movement and postures. Qigong has more freedom during the session. The motions and postures done are based on the practitioner’s needs or could be based off of the choice of the instructor.

If this article intrigued you or you are interested in practicing qigong, visit my other article, Qigong Exercises. Here I will show you some qigong exercises for certain parts of the body. Subscribe to the email list to receive more articles.

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