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Community Wellness

Throughout Northeast Ohio I am dedicated to bringing my passion to not only the individual, but to our communities. Volunteer events and outreach opportunities are an important piece in my journey to making the world a better place. To participate and learn more, subscribe to my monthly newsletter for information about any upcoming events.








The LitterBugz' Great Cleveland Clean-Up is happening Saturday April 27 and Sunday April 28 in 2019. Join the movement; an effort to pick-up all of the litter from Cuyahoga County in one single day.  Crystal Muscatello will be your host for Berea. This year we are including Coe Lake. We will have a clean team on foot as well as kayaks! If you or anyone you know is interested in the clean up  Please reach out at 440-829-4703 or to help organize 4,000 volunteers county-wide!

Strengthen the individual, Strengthen the community

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